40 Hour - This course is designed to meet the requirements of the Domestic Appliance Technician license. This course will provide the necessary training and instruction for those seeking to be a domestic appliance technician.

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DAYS - 8:00 AM TO 4:30 PM

April 5,6,12,13,19 2017 
DAYS - 8:00 AM TO 4:30 PM
DAYS - 8:00 AM TO 4:30 PM


Saf-Mec 305.06 Eligibility Requirements for Initial Individual Fuel Gas Fitting Licensure as a Domestic Appliance Technician

(a) A domestic appliance technician specialty license shall be provided to individuals engaged in the specific installation, servicing, and repair of liquefied propane gas or natural gas residential appliances and venting systems for which the training and manufacturers certification applies to.

(b) A domestic appliance technician specialty license applicant shall demonstrate the following:

(1) A minimum of at least 40 hours of educational training which covers the following subject matter:
a. Basic gas theory involving a thorough understanding of the physical properties and characteristics of propane and natural gas;
b. Fixed piping installation involving review of gas pipe sizing, gas pipe material selection, proper installation above ground fuel gas piping supply, placing a fuel gas system in service including purging, initial pressure testing and leak check of gas distribution piping and residential cooking and clothes drying appliances, generators, outdoor pool heaters or outdoor fireplaces and cooking equipment.
c. Placing propane and natural gas equipment into service while controlling propane/air mixtures for proper combustion;
d. Liquefied propane and natural gas appliance installation including clearance to combustibles, combustion, dilution, and ventilation air requirements are properly sized; and
e. Liquefied propane gas and natural gas equipment venting including venting categories, vent materials, vent sizing and clearances; and
f. Fundamentals of residential dryer exhaust and exhaust systems.

(2) A minimum of 30 hours of factory authorized certification training specific to the appliances of which the applicant will be performing installation and service on:

a. Diagnostics of appliances;
b. Troubleshooting specific appliances;
c. Gas Pressure measurements and detection, flue gas analysis and leak detection;
d. Ignition control systems;
e. Following manufacturers specifications for installation and service;
f. NFPA 54, National Fuel Gas Code, as it relates to the items above; and

(3) A minimum of 1000 hours of field experience relevant to the installation and service of
appliances and appliance venting systems within 60 consecutive months.